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Boots That Fit Every Leg

Canít find boots that fit over your calves? Here are four solutions to this common style problem.

If you have trouble finding boots that fit, you aren’t alone. Whether your mom is to blame (bad genes!) or you have a lot of muscles going on (good for you!), it can be a frustrating problem -- but one with a few great solutions!

So the next time you struggle to zip up your boots, use one of these resources to find a better fit:

1. Look for wide-width boots. Brands like Naturalizer and David Tate make exclusive styles that accommodate fuller calves. Also, check out plus-size retailers like Torrid and Silhouettes, always a great way to go!

2. Have you heard of the boot band? So clever -- it’s a leather insert that looks sort of like an inverted triangle that zips into tall boots to extend the calf and ankle -- and thus, make them fit you! ($75 at

3. Get them stretched. The average shoe repair shop has the tools to stretch your boots out for under $10. If you plan to wear them over your jeans, make sure to wear those jeans when you pick them up -- that way you’ll know if they are stretched enough!

4. Sidestep the whole fit issue (no pun intended!) with ankle boots! Plus, we love this style because it’s wearable year-round -- hello, value!

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